Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife photoshoot | Tropical Vibes & The Zebra |

Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife photoshoot | Tropical Vibes & The Zebra |

A vibrant, full-color tropical and industrial flair photoshoot. A strong & brave, self-confident girlfriend.

It’s incredible how time flies, since it’s been two years of this work that we did together with great colleagues.

Despite the time, this wedding editorial is undoubtedly still up-to-date, it continues to fit in, and we still like it, because this slightly “crazy” editorial full of color and daring is a joy for the senses.

The place

The chosen place was the Hard Rock Tenerife Hotel, a state-of-the-art establishment that has an unbeatable team, and where we always love to work.

It is a hotel that we love for its style, for its professional but casual service, its smell, decor and vibe. It has all you need. Also, if you are a fan of “good music”, this is undoubtedly the best place to disconnect and return refreshed with a shot of fresh energy.


We work as a team with Belén from La Boda de Chloe, a wedding planner like us in Tenerife, and with many other professionals that you will see listed below.

Together we had a intense brain storming, we fully delivered ourselves to spaying and colouring,  as if there were no tomorrow, we enjoyed all the crazy ideas we proposed and we worked very comfortably together. It was one of those pleasures that this profession brings you, working hand in hand with a professional with whom you understand each other very well and in whom you trust 100%.

The Photographers

The photos are from two of our favorite Tenerife wedding photographers, Alberto Mahtani and Sara from Moana Photography. Caregivers of detail and experts in the treatment of light, our work that day was enhased with their experties.

This editorial is about a girlfriend, a single girlfriend …. No track of her boyfriend or partner yet, but we do know that she ended the day with a Zebra, yes with Z and a Harley Davidson to escape wherever she wants and celebrate life as you want.

The idea

A daring, brave, strong, self-confident woman, that dosen´t care what is being said about her!

“We hope you enjoy it as much as we did”

– The room –

Moana Photography

Hard Rock Hotel Boda Tenerife

Hard Rock Hotel Moana Photography

Moana Photography

Editorial Boda

Alberto Mahtani

Editorial Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

Moana Photography

– The Ceremony –

Bodas Tenerife D-bodas wedding planner

Alberto Mahtani

Bodas Tenerife

Boda Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

Moana Photography

Boda Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

Boda Hard Rock Hotel

Editorial Boda Tenerife

Alberto Mahtani

 – The beach, The Reception –

Bodas Playa Tenerife

D-bodas Wedding planners

Free Heart Cooking

Moana Photography

Editorial Boda Hard Rock

Alberto Mahtani

– The Stage, The Party –

Moana Photography

Boda Tenerife Hard Rock

Bodas Tenerife Hard Rock Hotel

Moana Photography


Planning & Design: D-bodas & La Boda de Chloe, Venue: Hotel Hard Rock Tenerife, Photography: Alberto Mahtani & Moana Photography, Fashion designer: Marco & María, Styling: Rodolfo MCartney & No Quiero Agencia, Headgear: Martina Dorta, Hair & Make up: Jaime Hernández, Model: Mas que Moda Canarias, Minerva Hernández, Kimono: Diseño 2 Lencería, Lighting: Alonso & Alonso, Cakes: Free Heart Cooking, Stationery: Doblele Estudio, Glassware: Cosas de Maruja

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