Vero & Josh, Boho Style Wedding at Casa Baudet

Vero & Josh, Boho Style Wedding at Casa Baudet

Vero & Josh, got married in August 2019, in the little paradise of Casa Baudet in Tenerife. A Boho style wedding that we love.

A small venue surrounded by greenery, ideal for your small wedding of no more than 50 guests.

They contacted us shortly before their wedding, they already had the most important things, but they lacked someone to give them the final touch. There just needed someone who would accent their cool style and who would frame all their love with the decoration of their wedding.

And this is what we did for them. The decoration of your wedding, boho style, trendy and ideal for the venueythey chose to give their Yes I want amongs their be loved ones.

She is from the Canary Islands, he from Texas, USA, they wanted something simple but with a lot of fun and we think we got it.

We love this wedding, we love them and the end result through the eyes of Alejandro Díaz Foto.

I hope you like it as much as we do and above all that it inspires you for your wedding.

Would you dare with something like that?

We would love to repeat … although we never, never repeat. Surely at your wedding we will get something that reflects your personality and is unique to you.

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Bride´s Bouquet Boho Style

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Wedding in Tenerife - Alternative Wedding - Boho style tenerife

Boho wedding in Tenerife

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Purelove Wedding Planners Tenerife

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