Helen & Jose | Pure Colour | Venue Finca Punta del Lomo | Tenerife

Helen & Jose | Pure Colour | Venue Finca Punta del Lomo | Tenerife

Every wedding should be a party, and this wedding at Venue Finca Punta del Lomo was a huge party!

Helen and Jose’s wedding in Tenerife was an explosion of fun and color.

Finca Punta del Lomo Venue is a fantastic location, surrounded by banana trees and subtropical vegetation, which makes it an orchard and paradise for the senses. It offers unique, spacious and very comfortable spaces that allow it to adapt to any celebration.

If all weddings should be a party, Helen and Jose’s wedding was undoubtedly a full-fledged party. A wedding without ceremony, in a carefree, comfortable and very relaxed atmosphere.

After many years together and with two children in common they wanted another roll, no ceremonies, speeches, not even a bouquet. It was hard to understood that Helen didn’t want a bouquet! πŸ™‚
Simply a celebration of love with your loved ones, with your closest ones.

Vibrant colors, design, beautiful flowers, great food, great service, and great music. What more can we ask for?

It was a pleasure working with them. We got on perfectly with Helen, and we worked very comfortably with her.

Helen is one of these brides who trust, who delegate without losing control, always contributing her vision but at the same time allowing us to work in total confidence because they know that the result will rise to the challenge. Working like this is a real delight and delight was this great wedding.
We are already looking to repeat!

We leave you with this super fun party, hoping you enjoy it as much as we, Helen and Jose and their guests did that day.
Thanks again guys, for your trust and for wanting to count on us to make your dream come true.


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